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Petting a White Cat


Welcome! We're sorry that your kitty is ill, but FIP Global CATS is here to support you and your kitty on the path to recovery and a cure from FIP!


We know that this is a very stressful and emotional time, and are here to support you and your kitty.

FIP used to be a death sentence, but now it is now a very treatable disease, and all indications are that once cured, your cat can have a very normal life.

The FIP treatment you will be using is based on the protocol established in Dr. Pedersen’s successful study at UC Davis. The treatment length is 84 days of daily injections or pills. (Note: Injections are more cost effective and may be more appropriate in some cases if there is gastrointestinal upset, difficulty swallowing, etc.)  

The 84 days of treatment is followed by 84 days of monitoring, and if there is no relapse of the illness in that time, your cat can be considered cured!

Although it's 84 days of treatment, usually your kitty will start to feel better within a few days -- for most of the treatment time, you cat may seem almost normal already! It is still important to complete the 12 weeks of treatment because we need to make sure that we get all the virus out of their system.

The medicine is the GS-441524 drug that was tested in trials at UC Davis. The cure rate is about 80% based on the UC Davis studies.

FIP Treatment Guide

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