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Pill Variety


Oral GS-441524 can be an alternative to injectables, however there can be cases when it is problematic, for example when a kitty is in critical condition, unable to swallow, or may have poor GI motility/absorption.

For the best absorption, it is important that the pills be administered on an empty stomach.  It is recommended that your cat fast for at least an hour before and and hour after taking GS-441524 pills. (A very small amount of treat or pill pocket is ok in order to get them to take the pills, but use the minimum necessary.)

If your kitty vomits within 1.5 hours of taking the pills, give the dose again.

If your kitty's dosage is over 10 mg/kg it is necessary to divide the dosage and give half of it every 12 hours

IMPORTANT: Remember to weigh your kitty at least once per week and adjust the dose for weight gain!

Administering pills

Some cats will take the pills with a small amount of treat such as Churu:

For some cats, you may need to "pill" them, you can do this with or without a pill popper:

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