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Treatment Progress

Although it's 84 days of treatment, usually your kitty will start to feel better within a few days -- for most of the treatment time, you cat may seem almost normal already!


It is still extremely important to complete the 12 weeks of treatment in order to ensure that the virus is eradicated -- otherwise your cat will relapse after stopping treatment.

Stay in touch with your vet and/or treatment advisor to make sure that your cat's recovery is progressing as expected -- sometimes treatment adjustments may need to be made.


During Treatment

Weigh and Adjust Dose

At least weekly

It is extremely important that your cat's dose be adjusted as your cat gains weight in order to avoid under-dosing.

Check Bloodwork

Every 4-6 weeks

Checking bloodwork can be an important way to gauge the progress of your kitty's recovery process.  It's also a great time to check in with your vet for a checkup and to review any concerns.

For Bloodwork, you should request a CBC and Chemistry panel.  The chemistry panel should include at minimum glucose, creatinine, BUN, albumin, globulin, ALT, ALP and total bilirubin.

Monitor Clinical Symtptoms

Throughout Treatment

Monitor your kitty to make sure that symptoms are resolving appropriately and watch for new symptoms -- for example neurological symptoms are not always visible at the outset of treatment.

Stay in touch with your vet or treatment advisor

Throughout Treatment

As you go through treatment, stay in contact with your vet and/or treatment advisor -- they cannot advise you about things they don't know about!

Get Support!

Throughout Treatment

Dealing with a serious illness for your cat as well as the treatment process can be stressful and emotionally exhausting.  Having the support of a community such as FIP Global Cats can help!  

Don't forget to take time for self-care.  You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to care for your kitty!

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